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Unlock Your Potential. Ignite Your Growth.

Technology business consulting with Michael Williamson, MBA, MA

Meet Michael

Senior Strategic Technology Marketeer & London Business School MBA

Michael Williamson is a renowned marketing executive with over 25 years of senior strategic technology marketing experience. He has held various key positions in the industry, such as Vice President of Marketing for Europe Middle East Africa at Symantec, Chief Marketing Officer Europe at Equifax, Vice President of Marketing for Europe at Staples, Head of Global Marketing at Vodafone Group, and General Manager at Telefonica O2. Michael has an impressive track record, selling over £27 billion of technology products, services & solutions across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


With an MBA from London Business School and an MA in Marketing with distinction from Kingston Business School, Michael is well-equipped to lead TechGrowth Advisors as its Founder and CEO. His extensive experience, combined with his education, makes him an expert in technology marketing and a trusted advisor for businesses looking to achieve breakthrough growth. Michael's passion for helping technology-focused companies achieve their full potential is at the heart of TechGrowth Advisors, a marketing consultancy that delivers transformational results for its clients.

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Problems we solve

Are you struggling to ignite growth in your technology-focused company? Do you find it difficult to justify the price of your services, get prospects to understand the benefits of your products, and build trust with your potential clients?


Are your in-house marketing teams failing to deliver value, and are you not well-known in your marketplace with low brand awareness? Are you finding it hard to communicate what you do with limited resources, while fighting against better-known competitors?


Is your value proposition weak, and are you seen as a risk for prospects? Do you have limited engagement of C-suite decision-makers, and are you not seen as a strategic partner by customers – just a commodity supplier?


A new direction needed

If you're experiencing any of these challenges, it's likely that your growth is stagnating, and you're missing out on the potential to reach new heights of success in your industry. You may feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and unsure of how to move forward.

Solutions we provide

At TechGrowth Advisors, we understand the unique marketing challenges that technology-focused companies face. We specialise in helping companies like yours develop marketing strategies that will ignite growth and help you stand out from the competition. Our founder, Michael Williamson, has over 25 years of c-suite technology marketing experience gained in some of the world's most innovative technology companies, plus an MBA from London Business School and an MA Marketing. We offer a range of services to help you achieve your marketing goals:





Helping you to drive transformation and growth

With our help, you can transform your business by attracting new, engaged customers, developing a clear value proposition, and building strong awareness in your target markets. You'll gain the trust of your key prospects and have happy customers willing to do case studies and referrals. Your employees will be motivated, and you'll convert a high proportion of your pitches into new customers. Your business will achieve fast growth through finding the right ideal customers and farming more opportunities from existing customers.

Our process:

Accelerate360 Blueprint

Our Accelerate360 Blueprint is a proven 3-point process that helps technology-focused companies to develop a breakthrough strategy that drives market leadership and goal attainment. From the initial diagnostics and strategy workshops with you & your leadership team to the final sign-off, we work with you every step of the way to ensure that your marketing plan is aligned with your customers' needs and purchasing habits, accelerating your time-to-value and securing vendor funding proposals to help grow your business.

1. Strategy Formulation


1-2-1 Leadership Team Interviews

We interview you and each member of
your leadership team to understand key strategic issues.


Diagnostic & Strategy Workshops

2 x Strategy workshop to breakdown the strategic issues and build a breakthrough strategy that drives market leadership and goal attainment.


Develop the 80% Draft Strategic
Marketing Plan

We utilise the workshop outputs and
external alignment phases to create an 80% draft of your strategic marketing plan.

2. Strategy Benchmarking
& Validation


Benchmarking Process

We benchmark the strategic outputs
against best-in-class players.


Customer Validation Interviews

We conduct 1-2-1 depth interviews with your current customers to understand their actual purchasing habits and how offers should be positioned.


Review the First Draft Strategic Plan

Workshop with your leadership team to ensure the plan aligns with your
company’s unique needs.

3. Strategy Delivery


Deliver the Final 100% Strategic
Marketing Plan

We finalise the strategy and present it to you and your leadership team for 


Activity Plan with KPIs

(delivered with a lead database of profiled prospects with email contact
details): we create the operational activity plan with KPIs. 


Vendor Funding Proposals

We help you to secure market development funds from your key suppliers. (Optional)

Let TechGrowth Advisors help your company drive growth and achieve market leadership through our proven 3-point blueprint.

Register for our free 4-part video series

Take the first step towards unlocking your company's potential with TechGrowth Advisors' free 4-part video series, "Accelerate Your Tech Company's Growth."


From navigating competitor markets to gaining customer confidence and crafting a resonating value proposition for your target market - our expert advisors will help you every step of the way. Join us as we guide you through all aspects of transforming and growing your business so that nothing stands in its way!

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